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In the fourth chapter of Deuteronomy, Moses proclaimed to Israel, “Now, O Israel, listen to the statutes and the judgments which I teach you to observe, that you may live, and go in and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers is giving you.”  We now possess the land which the LORD  God of our fathers has given us!  As of 10:45 this morning, Fr. David, acting in  consensus with his Rector’s Council, purchases 4.95 acres of property on St. John’s Bluff Road North.

While praying about whether to buy an already established building or undeveloped land, the word of the LORD came to one of the members of the Rector’s Council who said,”The LORD wants to do a new things with us.  He is tired of us always having someone else’s leftovers.  This is a new thing.”  In fact, the land is so new that it has never been assigned a street address!  The land is on St. Johns Bluff Road North in between Oak Crest Drive and Craig Drive and opposite Craig Municipal Airport.

Having possessed the land, we know turn our attention to occupying the land.  We are beginning the process of clearing the land so that we may gather on the property and worship their together.  Our Parish Council will also begin to serve as a Buildings Committee to begin the development of our property.  Of course, this also means that we address our building fund in earnest.

We thank all of those who have prayed, fasted, and interceded for Church of the Messiah in this process.  Please continue to pray for the growth and development of the Church of the Messiah.  We are not quite out of the Cave of Adullam (I Samuel 22:1-2) just yet, but we now know where David is leading his mighty men.


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  1. Canon Drew Wales says:

    Congratulations. I looked at the area on Google maps – very nice! Blessings as you develop this land for the Kingdom!

  2. sjl+ says:

    An amazing prayer for our land and our church:

    “May the Lord bless our property, may it never be used for any purpose other than to magnify His name and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the community and the world, may all those who set foot on our property, or even pass by it, be blessed beyond measure with the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. May all of us be further strengthened to serve Him in all we do and empowered by the Holy Spirit to resist evil and share the goodness of the Lord. I pray we all be Christ’s vessels of sight to the blind, wealth to the poor, words to the deaf, healers to the sick, light to the lost, and fathers to the fatherless. I pray that the Lords plan for this property, as He has known it from the beginning, be totally fulfilled by the decisions, worship, praise, works, deeds, actions, words, prayers and efforts put forth by the believers of the Church of the Messiah from this day forth and for ever more. May His will be done, on this piece of earth, as it is in heaven. God, use this land and these people for your purpose. In Jesus name I pray.”

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