Foundation Day is June 26th

June 17th, 2016 by sjl+


Each year on the Sunday closest to the consecration of our first Bishop, Archbishop Randolph A. Adler, who was consecrated on 26 June, 1992, every Charismatic Episcopal Church in North America takes up an offering. While this offering was originally made to present Archbishop Adler with funds to help him in his ministry, instead he insisted that the best use of this money was to provide grants and loans to our churches so they could build and expand.

Saint Pauls

St. Paul’s Church, Nevada

Church of the Resurrection, KS

Church of the Resurrection, KS

This year Foundation Day falls on June 26th  and we ask each church to take up an offering to help us continue this ministry of building churches to expand the Kingdom of God.  The offering has traditionally been $10 per member of each household.

Recently the Foundation Day helped two churches either get into a new building or expand on their property.   Saint Paul’s Church in Nevada and Church of the Resurrection in Kansas. 

For more information about Foundation Day, including financial reports for past grants and loans Click Here.

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  1. Charlie Falugo says:

    Hello brothers and sisters.
    Could you tell me if you have any church families in RI or MA?
    Thank you!
    Charlie Falugo

    • sjl+ says:

      Hi, Charlie,

      In order to find a CEC parish anywhere in the USA, visit and input your address. It will show you a map of the closest CEC churches. There is one parish in Rhode Island, another in Massachusetts, and a third close by in south New Hampshire.

      God bless you!

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