Topic of New Bible Study Announced!

January 9th, 2014 by sjl+

According to Scriptures AdvertLast night at the Epiphany Eucharist, Fr. Looker announced the topic for the new, upcoming Bible study!  The title of the series will be “According to the Scriptures”: The Biblical Basis for Our Worship.  The series will run from next Wednesday, January 15th, through February 26th, and will explain why we worship the way we do according to what the Bible teaches.  This is not going to be a newcomers’ class nor will it be a church history class.  This Bible Study will look how we at Church of the Messiah worship the Lord and find in the Holy Scriptures why we do it that way rather than like anybody or everybody else.  Since 2014 is a year dedicated to Evangelism, we all need to able explain what goes on in our Church worship services.  This Bible study will enable you to answer the questions your friends have when you bring them with you to Church and give you the resources to explain–according to the Bible–why we do what we do!  This Bible Study is vital to fulfilling our call in the new year.

Each service will begin at 7 o’clock with a time of praise and worship, followed by the time of Bible study, and concluding with a time of corporate prayer.  Church of the Messiah’s Youth Group meets at the same time as this service and child-care is provided as well.  The services dismiss prior to 8:30 so that everyone can be home in time to prepare for work and school on the next day.

We encourage everyone to begin planning to make this Bible Study a part of their schedule for the next seven weeks.  It will change the way you talk about your church with your friends!

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