Sermon Archive–2013

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November 27 2013 – Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2] Thanksgiving Eve

Christ the King–Fr. Ed Shiell

November 17–Fr. Scott Looker

November 10–Fr. David Paysinger  The Grand Opening Service

All Saints’ Day–Fr. Scott Looker

October 27–Fr. David Paysinger

October 20–Fr. Scott Looker

October 13–Fr. Ed Shiell

October 6–Archbishop Craig Bates, Patriarch ICCEC

September 29–Fr Scott Looker [Part1]  [Part 2]

September 22–Fr David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

September 15–Fr. Scott Looker [Part 1]  [Part 2]

September 8–Fr. Lon Pardee

September 1–Fr. Scott Looker

August 18–Fr. Lon Pardee

August 11–Fr. Scott Looker [Part 1] [Part 2]

August 4–Bp. David Simpson [Part 1]  [Part 2]

July 28–Fr. Scott Looker [Part 1]  [Part 2]

July 21–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

July 14–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

July 7–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part2]

June 30–Fr. Scott Looker [Part 1]  [Part2]

June 16–Fr. Scott Melanson [Part 1]  [Part 2]

June 9–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Corpus Christi–Fr. Lon Pardee

Trinity Sunday–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1] [Part 2]

Pentecost–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Easter VII–Fr. Lon Pardee

Easter VI–Fr Scott Melanson [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Easter V–Fr David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Easter IV–Dcn. Tom Abbott [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Easter III–Fr. Scott Looker [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Easter II–Fr. Ed Shiell

Lent V–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part2]

Lent IV–Fr. Scott Melanson [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Lent III–Fr. David Paysinger

Lent II–Fr. David Paysinger

Lent I–Fr. Lon Pardee

Last Sunday After Epiphany–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

February 3, 2013–Fr. Scott Melanson [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Youth Sunday–Fr. Scott Looker [Part 1]  [Part 2]

The Feast of Our Lord the Giver of Life–Fr. Ed Shiell [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Baptism of Our Lord–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Feast of the Epiphany–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

First Sunday After Christmas–Fr. Scott Looker [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Christmas Eve–Fr. David Paysinger

Fourth Sunday of Advent–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Third Sunday of Advent–Fr. Ed Shiell

Second Sunday of Advent–Fr. David Paysinger [Part 1] [Part 2]

First Sunday of Advent–Fr. David Paysinger

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