Renovations Are Fully Underway!

September 6th, 2013 by sjl+

IMG_20130904_161445The renovations have definitely begun in earnest at Church of the Messiah’s new building.  What was once a parish hall has been completely gutted!  The drop ceiling has been removed, the paneling has been removed from the walls, and the closets are gone completely.  All of this has been done in preparation to raise the ceiling, redo and repaint the walls, install a platform for our altar and re-carpet the sanctuary.









IMG_20130904_165412But the sanctuary is not the only room that is undergoing renovations!  The Ladies’ Office is up and running too.  The room received a brand new coat of paint before everything was moved in.  Carla, now fully recovered from her concussion and pancreatitis, is back to work behind her old desk and credenza.

IMG_20130904_165354The Computers are back on-line as well and so is the accounting department, although Janice refused to be caught in this picture.  Obviously, there is still a great deal of unpacking to do, but the office staff, with the incredible help of countless volunteers, is making great strides in getting the place together.

IMG_20130904_164031The have even put together a nice lounge in the lobby / foyer for anyone who wants to come and visit.  Construction will be going on for a few more weeks and, obviously, it will take a while before the office is back to its well-oiled precision it had before the move, but this building is quickly becoming our home.  There are still lot of opportunities to help out and plenty of time just to come by and see how to progress is going.  We still have the old office telephone number of 904-721-4199 but the new address is 3754 University Club Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32277 (Click HERE for a map).  If you have not seen the building, try to come by.  If you cannot manage that, keep checking in here and we will keep you updated with all of the latest information!

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