Pray for Our Founding Bishop

August 23rd, 2011 by sjl+

Late Monday night, the founding bishop of the ICCEC, Archbishop Randolph Adler was admitted to a hospital in Selma, AL, for congestive heart failure.  Since his retirement in 2007, Archbishop Adler and his wife, Betty, have left San Clemente, CA, and settled in Selma.  When news of Archbishop Adler’s hospitalization reached the Provincial Council meeting in Georgia, the leadership of the Southeastern Province immediately adjourned and returned to Selma to surround our first patriarch in prayer.  Please pray for Archbishop Adler, Betty, and the extended Adler family.

2 Comments on “Pray for Our Founding Bishop”

  1. Judy Dundas says:

    He and his family will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. May God surround them with comfort in this frightening time.

  2. sjl+ says:

    Per Bishop David Simpson:

    “Bishop Adler was released from the hospital this past Friday. He is still facing health issues, but obviously they consider him sufficiently improved to go home.”

    Please continue to pray for the Adler family.

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