It’s A Packed Weekend At Church of the Messiah

January 3rd, 2012 by sjl+

It’s a busy couple of days this weekend for us at Church of the Messiah.

Saturday, January 7th, is our property Work Day.  We will meet at our new property across from Craig Field and begin working at 9am.  Bring your gas-operated power tools, rakes, hoes, and work gloves as we come together and start clearing the property to prepare for exciting things to come.  Lunch will be provided afterwards.

Sunday, January 8th, we will observe the Feast of the Epiphany.  Remember that, as the Magi brought gifts for the young Jesus, we will bring our gifts to support our troops serving in Afghanistan.  This is a part of Operation Valentine, which, though collected in January, will bless our troops mid-February.  If you need to know which items to bring, click this LINK.

Don’t miss either of these opportunities to spend time with each other and bless those who bless us!

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