Fr. Looker Announces Topic for Next Bible Study

July 10th, 2014 by sjl+

FollowMe AdvertLast night, as Fr. Melanson concluded his extremely insightful study The Nicene Creed Unplugged, Fr. Looker announced the topic the the next Bible study which will begin next week.  Follow Me: an Introduction to the Gospel According to Saint Matthew is an 8-week study in the first Gospel beginning July 16th.  A study of St. Matthew’s Gospel is timely since, after Pentecost, almost all of our Sunday morning lectionary readings will come from St. Matthew.  Since we will hearing from the first evangelist until the end of November, it makes perfect sense to study the book itself and see how the evangelist uniquely presents his perspective on the life of our savior.  The title “Follow Me” comes from the words Our Lord used when He called St. Matthew to be one of His Apostles and occurs more times more times in St. Matthew’s Gospel than any other book in the Bible.

Follow Me: an Introduction to the Gospel According to Saint Matthew will be part of our regular Wednesday night services.  Each service begins with anointed praise and worship and concludes with a time of intercessory prayer.  Childcare is provided during this service.  In order to be respectful of time commitments and the need to prepare for work the next day, we always end this service be 8:30.  Everyone is invited to attend.  We know that you will never look at St. Matthew’s Gospel the same way again!

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