Exciting Renovation News!

October 11th, 2013 by sjl+

IMG_20131009_171449 We received some very exciting news this week that shows that God is definitely for us at Church of the Messiah.  This week the city inspector signed off on the next to last of his inspections that we will need to pass prior to worshiping in our new building!  With that signature in hand, David Monk and his team at ShayCore Enterprises have been able to begin sheet-rocking the ceiling.  As of Wednesday evening, they were more than 75% completed. IMG_20131009_171432We can see our new altar platform starting to be set into place!             IMG_20131009_171526Here is what will be out new “sound booth.”  No more shifting chairs around and setting up each Sunday morning.           IMG_20131009_171656Shaycore has installed some beautiful double-doors between the worship space and the hallway.  They may not look like much now, but wait until they are painted!  Speaking of paint, we expect the sanctuary to painted next week and carpet will go in very soon after that.     IMG_20131009_171838Finally, on Wednesday, we received this gentleman and 99 of his closest friends!  They are lining our hallway waiting for the construction to be finished in the new sanctuary so that they can be set in place. While you are probably thinking that it has taken forever to go this far and it will take even longer to finish, that is where you are wrong!  The permitting process is the longest part of the whole affair and after that everything else will go by so fast that you will hardly believe it.  Expect updates to be coming rapid fire beginning next week! We are planning an ALL HANDS ON DECK WORK DAY for Saturday, October 26.  We will need teams of workers painting the nursery as well as people trimming trees over the parking lot and helping to put the finishing touches on the new building. We will have many prayer needs in the process.   We still need favor with both the city inspector and fire marshal who need to finally sign off before we can move in.  We need there to be “no hiccups” in our electrical systems andand for there to be no more surprises as we draw to a close.  Also pray that God gives us  many hands to make light work of our finishing touches!

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  1. Aylene Barr says:

    Wow! How exciting. I can’t wait to see the final product. Praying for a smooth process as you work towards completion and God’s hands to be over everything CoM sets its hands to.

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