Church of the Messiah’s Schedule throughout Epiphany

December 26th, 2016 by sjl+

At Church of the Messiah we were incredibly blessed to celebrate Christmas together with the wonderful groups of people that gathered together on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We are blessed to be part of a faith tradition that recognizes that the Season of Christmas begins–not ends–on Christmas Day and we look forward to celebrating Christmas for several more day until the Feast of the Epiphany on the Twelfth Day of Christmas.  With that in mind, we want to remind you of our Christmas Schedule throughout the Holiday Season.

The week of December 26-30 the parish office will be closed.  We will not be having a service on Wednesday night, January 28th.

We will have a special service Sunday morning, January 1st, at 10 o’clock.  This will be the Eighth Day of Christmas, the day on which Mary and Joseph gave their child His Divine name.  This is a special day in the Church, the Feast of the Holy Name.  On the first day of the week and the first day of the new year, we will hear about what that name means and what God calls us as well.

On Wednesday night, January 4th, we resume our Wednesday Nigh Soup Supper Services by observing the Feast of the Epiphany.  We will begin our soup supper at six o’clock with a variety of soups for the adults and food appropriate for younger children as well.  The service begins at seven o’clock and we will celebrate the Epiphany when the Magi brought their gifts to honor the Christ-Child.  This year we are taking up an offering for Emergency Pregnancy Services of Jacksonville, our local pro-life crisis pregnancy center.  They need size 4-5 diapers and formula of any kind.

Finally, on Friday, January 6th, we will have our Epiphany Fellowship Dinner at Blackfinn Ameripub in the St. John’s Town Center.  The cost is $22 per person as we gather and have our Christmas Fellowship at a time when we can all relax and enjoy each other’s company with the stress of the season almost behind us.  You may purchase your tickets by putting a check in the offering basket or by selecting “Epiphany Fellowship Dinner” when giving on-line.  This dinner will be an adults only event.

We wish you the merriest of Christmases and invite you to join us at all of these events as we celebrate the season together!

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