Church of the Messiah Announces Next Bible Study

April 10th, 2014 by sjl+

Fifty DaysAt the conclusion of “The Devil’s Playbook” Bible study last night, Fr. Looker announced that Church of the Messiah’s next Bible study will be based on an exciting new book by Canon Mark Pearson.  Canon Pearson is a CEC priest from the Diocese of the Northeast who has preached at Church of the Messiah in the past.  Within the last few months Canon Mark Pearson released Fifty Days of Glory: from Easter Morning to the Eve of Pentecost, a thoroughly Biblical study of life of Christ after the Resurrection and before His Ascension.  We will be using his book as a basis for our studies on the Post-Resurrection life of Christ.  Our Bible study Fifty Days of Glory will run from April 23 through May 21.  Individuals wishing to order a copy of the book may purchase one through web-sites like, however, those interested in making a Church of the Messiah group purchase should contact Janice Paysinger at 721-4199.  Making a group does not purchase does not afford a cheaper purchase price, but it does allow 100% of the proceeds to go directly to Fr. Pearson (as opposed to 20-30% when purchasing from on-line vendors).  Bp. Simpson, who was one of the book’s early readers, wrote a glowing recommendation for the book and then purchased a copy for every priest, deacon, and seminarian in the Diocese of Florida.  This is an amazing book, and it will be an exciting and life-changing Bible study.  Make plans to join us starting April 23 for Fifty Days of Glory!

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