“According to the Scriptures” Continues This Wednesday Night

January 21st, 2014 by sjl+

According to Scriptures AdvertChurch of the Messiah’s first new Bible Study of 2014 continues this Wednesday at 7:00.  Fr. Looker will teach the second session “According to the Scriptures”: The Biblical Basis for Our Worship in our Wednesday night service this week.  After laying the Biblical foundation Convergence, Session 2 will focus on explaining the Biblical rationale why our church looks the way it does.  Why is the altar in the center of the church and not a pulpit or the choir?  Why do we have a crucifix instead of a cross?  What is with all those men in the dresses?  We will find answer to these questions and more in the Bible this Wednesday night beginning at 7 o’clock.

As always , our Wednesday night services begin at 7 o’clock with a time of praise and worship, followed by the time of Bible study, and concluding with a time of corporate prayer. Church of the Messiah’s Youth Group meets at the same time as this service and child-care is provided as well. The services dismiss prior to 8:30 so that everyone can be home in time to prepare for work and school on the next day.

We encourage everyone to begin planning to make this Bible Study a part of their schedule for the next seven weeks. It will change the way you talk about your church with your friends!

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